Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rural development activities for the current year

Dear All,
As promised by us in the beginning of the new year, we have started working on to better the lives of rural people in a very small way to begin with. On 1st Feb 2009, we have had meeting with villagers of Gubbagodu and surrounding villagers about the immediate need of the villagers. They have put forward their wish to have a small community hall in Gubbagodu. Gubbagodu village is in the forest and it is about 20 KM from Sagar town. Most of you who have come to our water sports/camping activity have visited this place. So if these poor people want to have any kind of gathering, they have to go to Sagar town in search of a place.

We have chalked out the fallowing activities for the current year,

  • Construct the multi purpose hall.
  • Conduct the spoken english classes for the school/college dropouts and any of the villagers who wish to learn the language. So that youths can find some small time jobs in city and villagers can start using power of internet to enhance thier agricultural skill.
  • Set up a small scince (physics/chemistry etc) and computer lab in that village school.
  • Provide a computer and a internet connection to the village, so that farmers enhance thier agricultural skill.

We also felt it will be a great idea to have a multi purpose hall. Later this hall can be used for various purpose like, to install a computer with a internet connectivity. This will open up the outside world to them. We can use this hall to train the average educated youths of the surrounding villages in computer basics, spoken english etc etc.

Now we have got the plan and estimation ready with us. Total area is around 600 sqft. Idea is to use truss and metal sheet for the roofing in the begining. For this purpose it is estimated cost is around 1.75 Lakhs.
So we request all our fellow trekkers/members of this community to contribute towards this cause. Please don't worry of volume of contribution, a single rupee too is a great contribution. All that matters is our good will.

It is voluntary, Please ignore this mail, if u think it is unwarranted

Also we are looking for people who knows kannada and can teach basic spoken english to people of Vilages around Gubbagodu in weekends. We will take care of volunteers food, stay etc ., Plan is to have couple of volunteers, who can spare one weekend in a month or so. Also volunteers can enjoy all water sports activities and no fee is charged.This water sports is in the village where we will be teaching the spoken english. So after the class, volunteers can can stay at our camp site and enjoy the activities...

For more info and itinerary of the water sports/camping activity please check this link http://sharavathi.blogspot.com/2009/01/2-days-kayakingisland-campingtrekking.html

Let us make an attempt to change the lives of the oppressed....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Photos and few lines experience from UNISYS Company Group

We had group from UNISYS company on 7/8th Feb Weekend.
Here are snaps and few lines of their experience in our Water sports center.

  1. http://picasaweb.google.co.in/johnyphotography/CIBASHARAVATHY?authkey=uOgD6aNoPIY
  2. http://picasaweb.google.com/maranello.dreamer/SharavathiValley#
  3. http://picasaweb.google.co.in/siddu.salimath/Sharavathi_Valley02?authkey=CVy8WHLbRss#

Few lines of experience of the Group:-

Hi Sam,

Thank you so much for this lovely trip J

I am sure each one of us will cherish this moment for ever.

Once again we (CIBA Team) wish you Good luck and May God give you the strength to conduct more trips like this and be a reason for happiness to many as you always did.


Many wanted to get Sam’s email and mobile number

Email is as given above and the Mobile number is 9845397386




Dear Sam,

We have no words to express our grateful feelings…………..this one is really one of THE BEST trip I ever went. We enjoyed each and every second…..Thank you so much for organizing this awesome trip and saving our mother nature….keep up the good work and wish you all the very best & great success.

Thanks to Johny for introducing us to this wonderful, Beautiful, etc, etc.….location(Sharavathy) and person(Sam)J………………




Dear Sam,

Thanks for making this trip as a memorable and wonderful trip, I had a nice time and enjoyed this trip to the core.

I’ve loved every moment, to say in specific … diving and swimming in natural clean river water …. after many………. Years…!!!!

We were amazed by just not the nature but you and your team’s service and care… It’s simply superb….. Thanks to your team…! Will meet you all again…!

Johnny, Thanks for introducing this beautiful place. Hope we’ll repeat this trip again …!

You are simply amazing with your camera………..! Wish you all the very best....!

Kind Regards,


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Trek on 14/15th Feb 2009 weekend

Dear All,
Most of you have trekked in our evergreen route Basavana baayi -->Belligundi Falls --> Goodana gundi falls. And most of u have liked the belligundi falls a lot. In this route we have just seen beauti of this falls from far in belligundi view point enroute to Goodananagundi falls. The view point is amazing as you have seen it and now it is time to see this falls from the just top of the falls and if everyone is able to trek we can even go to the bottom of the falls too.!!.
We are planning to trek along with Belligundi stream from KAARNI. Enroute to the main Belligundi water falls, we can come accross many mini water falls.

The Sharavathi Valley:- The Sharavathi river valley nestled in the central Western Ghats, Shimoga district has been an ecological paradise. The Sharavathi River, rising at Ambuthirtha in Thirthahalli taluk flows north-west and drops down in the Ghats at the world famous Jog falls. The sharavathi Valley is home for many water falls and to some of the beautiful streams. The valley is evergreen to semi-evergreen forest along with moist deciduous type of forests dominate the entire basin along with scrub savannah, grasslands, marshy areas and plantation of acacia, cash crops like areca and rubber providing diverse niches for a variety of taxa. Rare evergreen species such as Dipterocarpus, Syzygium, Cinnamon, Diospyros, Aglaia, endemic Palms along with the globally endangered Myrist-icasps makes this an ecologically sensitive region to be conserved and not marketed.

Likey Itinerary ,

Date:- 13-02-2009

Departure from Bangalore at around 10PM.

Date:- 14-02-2009
  • Arrive at Kargal, Freshen up, Have breakfast and leave to Trek starting point by hired jeep
  • Start the Trek from Karni along with the Belligundi stream
  • Have lunch on the way and continue
  • Reach the top of the falls and enjoy the beauti
  • Trek to Padubeedu and camp at a tribal house
  • Wake up very early in the morning, have tea.
  • Start the trek towards the bottom of the Belligundi falls. (Depends on Trekkers enthu)
  • Reach the bottom of the falls and enjoy at the falls
  • Trek back to Padubeedu and catch Jeep back to Sagar
  • Reach Sagar and Have dinner
  • Catch bus back to Bangalore
The above itinerary is totally tentative. It all depends on how people trek. The trek will be bit hard.

The above route is completely new route and it is in the core forest. So no snaps of the route is available. But below are some portion trek route snaps.


Please reply me, if u guys wish to join us.