Friday, August 2, 2013

Adventurer Wanted by Woodland

Woodland, the leading outdoor adventure wear brand has announced "*Adventurer
Wanted” campaign *in which the winner will embark to discover unexplored
adventure destinations around the world, once-in-a-lifetime experience. The
job *‘Extreme Explorer’* comes with a competitive salary including living
cost and a film crew.

Woodland and their representatives in international markets will select
three candidates and woodland Facebook community/ fans will have the chance
to vote to select the Winner. The Facebook community will get to vote
between various locations, daring outdoor sports and thrilling
opportunities for the Winner, highest vote will direct the adventurer’s
every challenge. To apply, entrants would need to create a 60 second
persuasive and entertaining video application, on *Why You are the Best
Person for the Job*, demonstrating originality/ Commitment to adventure.

 The contest goes live from *August 01, 2013* and the deadline is *September
14, 2013*. Winner will be announced in mid-September, and job starts from

Woodland invites you as well to participate in this contest and be part of
Woodland ‘extreme explorer’.

For more info , please check the fallowing link,