Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Zipline at our camp

Most thrilling activity at our Kanakpur camp is newly setup zipline activity. Our zipline is about 300mts. interesting aspect is , its water landing. Its so fun to land in a serene lake. After landing in water, u can hop on to waiting boat or u can continue swimming and kayaking in lake. Landing in lake is safe because u will be wearing a life jacket too ! so u dont really need to know swimming.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Very Happy New Year

Dear fellow trekkers and Nature/Adventure lovers,

As the new year rings in, we want to take this opportunity to wish you a Very Happy New Year and hope your year is full of Nature and Adventure.

It has been a while since we have communicated in the group. With a lot of activities happening on site, we have had very little time to communicate with you!.  Many old timers have been asking “Do you still conduct activities?! :) “

2014 was an eventful year for us as we channeled our resources and energies towards setting up of our new camp facilities at Kanakapura. We also added 'Jungle Stay' facility at Gobbagodu in Sharavathi.

Change is the only permanent guarantee and in keeping with our Vision of helping you to return to Nature for learning and relaxation, Sharavathi Nature Trails is now 'LifeTrees' Nature/Adventure Camp.

Be it us humans, birds or animals, trees give life to all the creatures of this planet and thus the choice of 'LifeTrees'

LifeTrees- Kanakapura Nature/Adventure Camp.

Our new Kanakapura Camp is located at Tulasidoddi on Kanakapur-Kabbal Road, at a short distance of just 50kms from Bangalore and is nestled right on the banks of the serene Hosadoddi lake next to the lush green Bananthimari State Forest. Our camp has something for everyone. You could be an avid trekker, a history buff or a wild life enthusiast.....if you seek adventure, we have it here for you.

Our Strength:

  1. We conduct Nature/Adventure camp and workshops for school and college students.
  2. We manage Corporate Team Outings. We also have expertise for managing your Company Leadership Training, Learning and Development needs.
  3. We have modules for Soft skills and Behavioral skills training and the programs are experiential with actual practice of the taught subjects.

Activities available at Kanakapura Camp currently:
  • Trekking:
    Trekking to Devara Gudda hill top in Bananthimaari state forest range.
  • Water sports:
    Kayaking, Canoeing , Calm water rafting, Dhingy paddling, Swimming, Water Games & Many more....
  • 300 meters long Zip Line with water landing
  • Rappelling / Bouldering
  • Dynamic obstacle Course (DoC):
    DOC is an exclusive team building activity that facilitates leadership skill development.
  • Team Outing
  • Experiential Learning

This camp is ideal for a day-outing and also over-night lake-side camping.

Please get in touch with us for a Customized Itinerary.

For virtual tour of Kanakapura camp, click on the link below

                          LifeTrees- Gubbagodu (Sharavathi) Nature/Adventure Camp.

A good ol’ fashioned bus ride of just 7 hours from Bangalore and you reach the picturesque back waters of Sharavathi at Gubbagodu. This bit of paradise is located near the world famous Jog Falls.
Our Camp site is ideal for Corporate Teams n Family outings and School/College/Student nature camp activities.
In case your heart desires more and you need bigger challenges, we can take you to our Adventure Camp in the beautiful Sharavathi Valley. If you are a serious trekker, our exclusive Treks will test your skills to the max. These treks have unexplored waterfalls and a multitude of splendid peaks which give you an experience of adventure, fun and thrills.
In our constant endevour to ensure you have a comfortable stay at Sharavathi, we would like to announce our new facility which includes 4 well-appointed rooms with baths attached. Tented accommodation continues to be available for those who prefer to camp out under the stars.

At Sharavarthi, you need a minimum of 2 days to enjoy all soft adventure activities. Should your heart find it difficult to leave after 2 days then be rest assured that you will still find many many more things to do in the serene lap of Nature.

Activities available at Gubbagodu Camp currently:
  • Trekking:
    Trekking to various serene waterfalls and peaks in Sharavathi valley.
  • Water sports:
    Kayaking, Canoeing, Calm water rafting, Dhingy paddling, Swimming, Water Games & Many more....
  • Team Outing
  • Experiential Learning

Please get in touch with us for a Customized Itinerary.

For virtual tour of Kanakapura camp, click on the link below

We look forward to your continued patronage and support. You are the life of our camp.Our commitment to Learning, Training and Adventure remains strong as we grow from strength to strength.

Best wishes from
Team LifeTrees
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