Sunday, September 23, 2012

Trek, Camp, Learn, Socialize and network with other passionate Trekkers from all over India

Dear All,
We have been trekking for many reasons. Some of us wanted to escape from daily routines, some wanted adore the natures beauty, some wanted to learn about flora and fauna etc etc.,
We trekkers normally don't get an occasion to come together, socialize, network and get to know each other. In our experience Camp fire session has been a major learning session in many ways. So we couple of NGO's who are in to conservation and conduct ethical trekking / camping have come together and organized a event called TREKATHON.  

Trekking is a wonderful sport, hobby and a passion for many nature lovers. While most trekkers are inveterate nature lovers, for some it is a group activity and for others it may be a spiritual trip to nature’s adobe…many others have passionate trekkers in them that they are yet to discover. Today the word TREKKING is most abused one as some armatures have brought a bad name to it. TREKATHON India has been formed to create awareness to trek in a safe way, following the rules of the concerned forest authorities and to care for nature. Children need exposure to nature and adults in cities often want to get away from the concrete jungle – what better way to tune in to Mother Earth and rejuvenate ourselves than go on a trek?
With the above mentioned objectives, the team TREKATHON is also going to create fallowing awareness activities for trekker’s and general public.
1. Creating awareness about trekking in the forest, Safety, how to behave responsibly in the forest etc
2. Supporting Forest Watchers and Guards by providing Gum boots and Rain gear, if possible torches.
3. Plastic Collection in the forest areas.
4. Creating awareness in the villages around forest areas.
5. Creating awareness in the schools.
6. Creating awareness to save the Western Ghats which is the source for many rivers.
7. Creating awareness to protect the endangered species of Western Ghats.
Trekathon 2012 has been organized by 3 organizations namely “The sharavathi Nature Trails, Vanamitra and GAIA”. These organizations are working on conservation and also organize nature activities like trekking and camping.
The event will be flagged off on oct 20th by well known sports persons including well known cricketers. Trekathon program is organized for 3 days on 20-21-22nd October 2012.  The event will see passionate trekkers from all over country participating. 

Trekathon Trail:-
The trek will be flagged off at Jog falls and end in Bhatkal. Trail will pass through picturistic sharavathi valley and end in Bhatkal cost. Trail will include a water falls called BASAVANA BAAYI water falls. Trekkers will also have time to play in the sea shore. Night halts will be in tents in a designated place.

You can farm your own group of like minded trekkers of 3 and register by paying registration fee or we can help you to form a group with other solo trekkers.
Registration Process:-
  • Login to the
  • Go to Contacts and fill up the inquiry form on the right hand side. 
  • Submit the farm and someone will Contact get in touch with you to complete the registration formalities.