Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Updates -->Rural development activities for the current year

Dear All,
This mail is to thank you all for the support you extended for our Rural development initiative. I never thought a single mail would trigger such a over whelming support. It was a moral support and the Money support too !!!.

Now , i would like to update you all about the activities.

Multi purpose hall construction:-

As the Estimation was bit higher side(About 1.75 Lakhs), We have decided to procure only GI roof sheet this time and poles will be a local wooden poles for this year. The idea is to go for steel structure some time next year. We have procured about 100 GI sheet at the cost of about Rs.400/sheet.

Fallowing Members have contributed towards this fund:-

* Pranesh Vittal -------------------> Rs.300-00
* Amith K N -------------------> Rs.1000-00
* Vaidyanathan Y D-----------------> Rs.1000-00
* Govardhan --------------------------> Rs.3000-00

Special thanks to the above members for their kind support.Rest of the fund is through the savings from trek/camp activity.

Basic spoken English:-
This activity is on and we are publicizing the info among all villagers. The classes will be conducted after April 11th as there is an important local festival in those villages and all of them are busy with that. I will keep you all updated on this subject.

Note 1:- The Gubbagodu villagers have invited everyone for the annual local festival called "aayanothsava" on April 11th 2009. So if anybody wish to attend, You are most welcome. It will be a tribal cultural delight.

Note 2:- I have taken a new reliance mobile connection as there was a aritel signal problem in our camp site. So if u would like to contact me on the weekends, pls note down my another Mobile number (93792-68526)

Thanks and Best Regards

Sampath Kumar

Mob:- 98453-97386 (airtel) and 93792-68526 (Reliance)