Monday, August 30, 2010

Dear All,
I had mentioned in my earlier mail about trek to Bheemeswara and dabbe falls coming weekend(4/5th sept). But this weekend i was in valley and i have come across 2 new beautiful water falls. So the itinerary will change. Here is the itinerary and other details about the trek.

Trek Route:- Hogekeri---->Vaddimakki water falls---> Megur(Halt)--->Doddabyana water falls--->Bheeswara water falls.

The Sharavathi Valley:-
The Sharavathi river valley nestled in the central Western Ghats, Shimoga district has been an ecological paradise. The Sharavathi River, rising at Ambuthirtha in Thirthahalli taluk flows north-west and drops down in the Ghats at the world famous Jog falls. The sharavathi Valley is home for many water falls and to some of the beautiful streams. The valley is evergreen to semi-evergreen forest along with moist deciduous type of forests dominate the entire basin along with scrub savannah, grasslands, marshy areas and plantation of acacia, cash crops like areca and rubber providing diverse niches for a variety of taxa. Rare evergreen species such as Dipterocarpus, Syzygium, Cinnamon, Diospyros, Aglaia, endemic Palms along with the globally endangered Myrist-icasps makes this an ecologically sensitive region to be conserved and not marketed.

Likely Itinerary for the 2 days

Departure:- on 3rd sept 2010 by KSRTC Rajahamsa bus to Kargal. From there hire jeep to reach hogekeri.

Date:- 04-09-2010

* Reach Hogekeri , the Trek start point.
* Freshen Up in the stream, Have Break fast.
* Reach vaddimakki water falls and Have lunch.
* Start the Trek towards Megur camp in a tribals house.
* Have a Camp fire and enjoy the evening(Depends on rain situation). Also interact with Tribals.
* Have dinner and retire for the day


* Wake up by 6:00 AM and get freshen up quickly.
* Have Breakfast and start the trek to Doddabyana water falls .
* Trek to Bheeswara water falls and if possible Enjoy in the Water fall (depends on the water level.
* Have lunch and Trek to the road.
* Catch the vehicle and travel back to kargal and then to sagar.
* travel back to bangalore.

For now i have info photos of bheeswara water falls photos. Please check the fallowing link.

Please reply me ASAP if u r joining us as we need reserve the bus tickets and feel free to reply for any clarification or doubts.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Unforgetable Trek-trip

Many of my trekkers after exploring Sharavathi valley trek routes, used to ask me if i have trek/camps and other programs in other parts of western ghats. As it used to be busy weekends in our camp, i had not thought of anything for a while. But i had some free weekends in august as there was less water sports activity.
We planned to explore some new routes and we planned to combine various activity to make it more diverse activity program. Accordingly, we explored a 1 day trek route near sakaleshpur and combined it with wild life safari in Nagarhole sanctuary, rappelling and playing in a lake with life jacket.
We announced this activity in the group for the weekend of 21/22nd of august. Though the initial response was less we could get about about 10 trekkers for the program finally. We hired a Tempo traveller. We planned to leave on Saturday early morning. As planned we started off at 4 am in the morning. But by the time we pickup everyone and leave Bangalore it was 6:45am. I was thinking it will b too late, but cab driver was just excellent and we were in channarayapattana by 9 am. We had quick breakfast and started off journey. We reached trek starting point by 11am and started off the trek.
It was pleasant weather with now and then drizzling and mostly cloudy. Initially it was all over lush green coffee plantation. Then it was great evergreen forest cover. We were engaged in lot of talks while trekking and suddenly our fellow trekker kinjal pointed to a lake which was hiding under the thick forest cover. It was just an amazing view from the top. Though it was small the vegetation cover around the lake had given so much beauty to the lake. Trekkers took some nice shots of the place and moved on. After this point the talks got less and everyone was enjoying the natures wonderful creation. Few had gone ahead and had stopped on a small rock formation. This rock formation has been destroyed for granite quarrying. In the same place we had held a massive protest rally against this in the year 2006. Luckily it is now stopped though the damage is visible. It was a breath taking view from this point. There were small grass patches (locally called ByaNa) which were so green with budding grass. It was a treat for eyes.
After a small stop over we moved further. We came across a small stream where we tanked up some mineral water. After some trek we came to a junction where we had to deviate to the peak where caves are there. But our lunch was getting ready down near another lake. We had to decide which is first. According to majority we decided to have lunch and moved towards lake, where our chief cook Dharmanna was preparing delicious lunch. Some got down to see a small water fall near the lake , others rested on the lake bed. It was an amazing place to be. The lake bed was looking like natural gulf course. Lunch was ready to b served. We just collected some plantain leaf to have the lunch which gave extra flavor to the delicious lunch. Dharmanna had prepared rice, eere kaayi sambaar, papad and pickle. It was just amazing to eat such a tasty food in such an amazing place.
After the lunch we wasted no time and trekked towards peak. It started raining heavily.This peak gets covered with fog in almost all seasons. Its an amazing peak with 360 degree view of the western ghat. In this peak there is a rock formation which is almost 500 mts in length and about 100 ft depth. And this rock formation looks like curved stones and it has flat surface which is idea for claiming and rappelling . In the same rock formation there is a cave. We got in to the cave. Getting in to the cave is difficult as it as very small entrance. so once is pot bellied then its truly difficult ;).
After the cave exploration we started going down the peak. It was raining heavily still. We reached the foothill of the peak , where our cab was waiting for us. It was truly awesome trek though it was short trek. We came across string of small lakes which are treat to nature lovers eyes. We got in to cab and drove towards Nagarahole. It was drizzling still. We drove through somvarpet , kushalnagar and hunsur. we reached camp leopard rock, where we supposed to stay by 10:30PM. Dinner was ready by then. As everyone were tired and sleepy just stuffed some food and slept off.
Sharp 5 AM, Our instructor woke us up and asked us to get ready quickly to go for wild life safari. We had tea and left for the nagarahole sanctuary. After entering the gate we were observing both sides keenly for any movement of animals. After some distance , we came across spotted deer, which are very common. Then we came across wild boar. We reached nagarhole sanctuary office, where we opted to go on safari in to the sanctuary by department bus. We could not any special animals, we came across only deers and langur. All of us were really hungry , so planned move out of the sanctuary and reached the rappelling spot near the camp. By then our cook dharmanna had prepared nice "malnad akki rotti" and avalakki. we wasted no time filled up our stomach. It was nice breakfast.
Our instructor Ram was readying the rappelling kit and by then we rested for a while. First Ram gave us demo and then asked all of us to go to the top of the rock one by one. First it was santhosh. He was daring, we were amazed to see his enthu. then all of us had a great experience.
After the rappelling event, we traveled back to camp and rested for a while. Then we went to near by lake with life jacket and swam for a while. Then came a raft. we had bit of still water rafting. Came back to the camp and dressed up and assembled at the dining hall for the lunch. Dharmanna had prepared delicious bisi bele baath and curdrice with hesaru bele payasa. Had stomach full lunch. It was superb lunch. Then we had a final group photo session and said good bye to the camp and traveled towards Bangalore.
Reached bangaore by 10:30pm. It was a great trek-trip with various adventure activities. I must say group was just great. An another awesome weekend we had in the ghat. And readying for another weekend camp and leaving tonight!!.

  • Sachidanand banegal
  • Prashanth pathak
  • Benzamin
  • Nancy
  • Lal ringzuala
  • Rimi goswami
  • Kinjal shah
  • Praveen
  • Santosh
  • Muknd
  • Sampath
Photos by trekkers:-
By Prshanth:-
By Benzamin:-
By Sachidanand
By Mukund
By Praveen

NOTE:- Our next trek is on 4/5th Spet 2010, which is next weekend. The route will b Bheemswara falls-->Dabbe falls. Bheemeswara is heaven on earth in the monsoon season. Please check the fallowing link for more info on this route:- . Please mail me ASAP if u r joining us.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bit of Trek, Bit of Cave Exploration, Bit of Wild life and Bit of Rope course

Bit of Trek, Bit of Cave Exploration, Bit of Wild life and Bit of Rope course

Though the rain is less this time Sharavathi valley, its still raining. As usual we had some great groups coming to the valley for the monsoon treks to enjoy the "natural Golf course view" in and around Kattinakar also brimming water falls around this place.

Now we planned to bring in bit varieties to enjoy the nature, So this "Bit of Trek, Bit of Cave Exploration, Bit of Wild life and Bit of Rope course " program. We planned to have this program this weekend.

Synopsis of the Bits.....
Bit of Trek:- This is trek up to a hill lock. this hill lock is near Sakaleshpur Bisile ghat. This trek will b around 5KM one way. Its easy trek. On the trek route we come across 2 beautiful lakes on top of the hill and also a small water fall.
Bit of Cave Exploration:- On top of the hill there is a huge and beautiful stone formation. In this stone formation there is a cave.
Bit of Wild life:- We will b going for early morning safari in Nagarahole wild life sanctuary.
Bit of Rope course:- We will have a rappelling near the camp site.

Stay:- Stay in the "The camp leopard rock camp" near Nagarhole national park.

Probable itinerary of the program.


  • Assemble in Mejestic area and departure by 4:30 in the morning(5hrs journey from blr).
  • Reach Trek Starting point and freshen up in the stream.
  • Have Breakfast and start the trek towards hill top.
  • Enjoy the beautiful lakes view and play in a small water falls.
  • Have lunch and rest for a while.
  • Trek up to the top of the hill and explore the cave. U get 360 degree view of the western ghat from this point.
  • start trek down to the foot hills and travel to the camp near Nagarhole national park.
  • Reach the camp, Have camp fire and dinner.
  • Wake up by 4AM. Freshen up and have tea and leave for Wild life Safari.
  • Roam around in the park till 9 AM., travel back to the camp and have breakfast.
  • Leave for rappelling and come back for lunch.
  • After lunch play in the water with life jacket.
  • Enjoy the still water raft on the lake.
  • Start travel back and reach Bangalore by around 10PM.
Please mail me ( if anymore info u require. Let me know ASAP if u r joining us.

Some pics of these Bits....:-

Beautiful lake on top of the hill (i call it 'Spatika sarovara')

Beautiful falls on the hil top

Cave on top of the hill

The Camp leopard rock @ Nagarahole