Monday, October 4, 2010

Bit of Trek, Bit of Cave Exploration, Bit of Wild life

Bit of Trek, Bit of Cave Exploration, Bit of Wild life

Month of September was hectic for us, so could not think of announcing any trek. Many were asking for the trek trip after our first successful trip in august.
So we are planning this "Bit of Trek, Bit of Cave Exploration, Bit of Wild life " program again this weekend (9/10th October 2010) with little change in the program. The stay will b inside wildlife sanctuary with tents.

Synopsis of the Bits.....
Bit of Trek:- This is trek up to a hill lock. this hill lock is near Sakaleshpur Bisile ghat. This trek will b around 5KM one way. Its easy trek. On the trek route we come across 2 beautiful lakes on top of the hill and also a small water fall.
Bit of Cave Exploration:- On top of the hill there is a huge and beautiful stone formation. In this stone formation there is a cave.
Bit of Wild life:- We will b going for early morning safari in Nagarahole wild life sanctuary.

Stay:- Stay in the jungle by pitching tent.

Probable itinerary of the program.

  • Reach Trek Starting point and freshen up in the stream.
  • Have Breakfast and start the trek towards hill top.
  • Enjoy the beautiful lakes view and play in a small water falls.
  • Have lunch and rest for a while.
  • Trek up to the top of the hill and explore the cave. U get 360 degree view of the western ghat from this point.
  • start trek down to the foot hills and travel to the camp near Nagarhole national park.
  • Reach the camp, Have camp fire and dinner.
  • Wake up by 4AM. Freshen up and have tea and leave for Wild life Safari.
  • Roam around in the park travel back to the camp and have breakfast.
  • Visit Irupu falls,play in the water and have lunch.
  • Start travel back and reach Bangalore by around 10PM.
For the trek route blog and photos please refer the fallowing link.

Please mail me ( if anymore info u require. Let me know ASAP if u r joining us.

Some pics of these Bits....:-

Beautiful lake on top of the hill (i call it 'Spatika sarovara')

Beautiful falls on the hill top

Cave on top of the hill