Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A memorable trip to Bisile ghat and sarrounding!

The importance of nature in our lives:-
In old days we lived very closely with nature in one form or another. This was necessary, as we did not live in the sophisticated way we do at the moment, but by listening and feeling our connection with nature. By no longer doing so we have mislaid a lot of the ancient knowledge that we once had at our fingertips…

It was possible in the recent past to stand and look up at the skies, and see where the stars were and the story that they had to tell us! They was so much that we could interpret from the sky, to do with the closeness of certain groups of stars to us at any particular time. We could even read the weather to some extent by looking at the night sky.

These days there is too much light pollution for us to do that unless we make a trip out into the country which many of us really don't always have time or ability to do! Sometimes we need to feel the earth under our feet…. to bury our toes into the grass and closely feel our connection with our Mother Earth… To stand on the shore and become one with the sea and the land and bridge the two…. Stand and gaze at the horizon and feel that you are part of the sea for a few moments and in this way strengthen your emotional connection to water and the oceans of this our planet.

Walk in the woods and feel you're connectedness to the trees, and the ancient beings of the woods who are full of wisdom! Simply to stand with your hands on the back of a very old, very large tree, is to feel the incredible rush of energy deep down into the planet, which bursts up again high into the heavens and connects both! These are primal and very ancient and important energies that today we seem to have lost connection to for the greater part. And we really need these energies to balance us as denizens of the Earth! We no longer have the ancient connection to our Gods of the Woods and our Goddesses of the sea! And we need to re-create these connections to balance our own volatile energies and emotions…

Make time in your busy week to be ‘out in nature’. Run barefoot through the grass, to wonder alone through quiet woodlands, to stand on the edge of the land and the sea and become one with all there is..

To walk in beauty…. to be part of beauty…. to be part of 'the all'!


I and seema gowda were fellow Rotaractors(Youth wing of Rotary Club) in Rotaract Club of Jayanagar Bangalore between 1999 to 2005. When she came to know that we were ardent nature lover, she offered to take us to her coffee pnatation near famous picturistic BISILE ghat. But due to various reason this trip was postponed several times.
But that dream came true when i met her recently and fixed the trip for February 16th to 18th 2007 weekend. Then asked our fellow Rotaractor Ms. Sugra whether she can join us, initially because of work she said no but later she agreed to join us and group was ready with Me, Sugra, Seema and her hubby Krishna with their junior(1 year old) Samarth. We decided to leave bangalore on 16th friday evening 4:00 PM and back to bangalore on sunday in my MARUTI 800 car. That's how this trip was arrainged.


I took half a day leave and reached home by 2pm, had nice lunch and played with my son and slept for some time as the plan was to leave by 4:00 pm. As sugra works in Sarjapur Road she said she will join me at my HSR Layout house and from there will proceed to Jayanagar to pick up Seema family and leave Bangalore. But Sugra came only at 4:45 to my house as she faced some traffic blockade in Sarjapur Road as usual. We left our house filled up petrol on the way and reached seema house by 5:15 PM. They were ready with full luggage, filled up luggage in Cars boot and started from there by 5:30 PM. Our schedule was to leave Bangalore by 4:00 but now we were one and half hour behind schedule. It was about 6:30 pm by the time we reached Nelamangala. From here i drew slowly as i was poor in night drive beacuse of opposite vehicles high beam light. We indians have a very poor Road sense, when opposite vehicle apporaches we never do dim and dip of our vehicle head light.
So it was 9:00 pm when we reached Chennarayapatna on NH48, filled up petrol and stoped for a break and dinner in Kamath Hotel. Had nice dinner and at 10:30 pm started onward journey to Sakaleshpur and reached sakaleshpur 12:45 pm. From here after continuing in NH48 for about 10KM we took right turn in Sakaleshpur-Moodigere Road to reach Hanbaal. From Hanbaal we reached Devalakere which is Seema's aunts coffee plantation at around 1:30 pm. After Customary greetings i was shown a nice bed, i just wanted that as i was dead tired driving. We all went in to deep sleep.


Srik said...

Welcome to blogging!!

You know who I am and I am very proud to be writing the first comment here on Sharavathi.

I love Sharavathi valley too, credit goes to you :-)

When and where are we trekking next?

Yaseen Abbas said...

Nature calls us for protection. I read your blog and may we help our nature by expending tours and trekking on these lands and also give awareness.