Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Goodanana Gundi--->Belli Gundi Waterfalls Trek on 31 May 2008

As i had announced trek earlier, we had a great trek on May 31-1st weekend 2 day trek.

I must admit the trek was amazing and after long time i had an opportunity to trek with such a great team. Every one was so special, specially we were fortunate to have a great trekker like Mr.Jagadeesh Damania in the group.

We started off the trek from Kanchina gadde near Kattinakaru and trekked along with the Goodanagundi hole(stream). Initially the stream was dry and as we progressed with the stream, stream got lively and and it was a small river after while. We stopped and cooked the lunch on bank of river and every one enjoyed the Anna-saaru (Rice and sambaar).

We must thank Umapathi for preparing such a delicious lunch in just couple of minutes. After the lunch we got out of stream and trekked towards Padubeedu. After an hour trek we reached chota nayaka, a tribal's house for the night halt.

Our cook umapathi wasted no time and prepared tea. After we had tea we planned to visited a sugar cane crusher to have a look at the jaggery making process and also to have mouth watering sugar cane juice!!!. The hosts were so nice and treated us with hell lot of juice and finally the delicious neer bella (Water jaggery) .

We came back and Our trek leader narayan arraigned the camp fire in the court yard of tribal's house. quickly everyone surrounded the camp fire. We had many activities around camp fire and we had great fun. Food ready, heard umapathi calling us...But no one was ready for that as we had juice, jaggery etc in crusher place. But we had to relent and had nice pulav , payasa etc for the dinner.

As every one tired, quickly after the lunch we retired for the day.
At 4:30, tribal's house cock alerted us with its shout. We all woke up so the trek leader narayan too. We all went on animal hunting to near by hillock. We could spot Bison and vipers etc., After an hour and half trek we also could watch belligundi water falls. Trekked back to base camp. Every one finished their morning duties, had breakfast and tea.

We started off the main trek of the day to the goodana gundi water fall. Everyone had solid leach bite by the time we reached waterfalls. Had a great time in bath and some of them had a nice swim session in the pond just below the falls too. By then Umapathi had prepared a nice lunch, with rice and sambar. Every one enjoyed the food and trekked back to base camp and got ready to say good bye to trek. We thanked chota nayaks family and started the journey back.

In total it was a lots of activity filled, memorable trek. Each one of the trekkers were so special, we enjoyed to the core.
Please have a look at the snaps of the trek.
  1. http://www.flickr.com/photos/26961155@N07/
  2. http://picasaweb.google.com/akbaree/GoodanaGundiTrek
  3. http://picasaweb.google.com/prapancha/BellliGundiGoodananaGundi3152008
  4. http://picasaweb.google.com/peruperumal/GoodanaGundiTrekking

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