Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bheemeshwara to Dabbe falls Trek on 28/29-06-2008

Mungaaru Maleye yenu ninna hanigala leele....this is the first line of a famous kannada film "Mungaru Male", meaning "Oh! monsoon rain what a beautiful play of your drops!(aprox. transliteration)" etc., As everyone enjoys listening to this melodious song, we experienced the song literally during our 2 days trek to sharavathi valley on 28/29th June weekend.

As i had announced earlier about the week end trek, finally 15 of them confirmed. I had a very tense moment till last moment as few of them gave a sleepless nights till the end. First they said they are confirmed and later backed out. I had terrible time to sell those and i canceled some of them and i lost few hundred rupees in that process!.

Finally we 6 of us got in to Bangalore --> Kumta bus at 11:15pm at Mejestic. 8 of tartiaus friends decided to travel in their car and 2 of guru friends traveled from mysore directly.

I had reserved tickets in Rajahamsa service of KSRTC. So the journey was comfortable and we slept peacefully. We reached Sagar by 6:45 AM and our trek leader Narayana had arranged a room in a hotel for us to get freshen up, so we all barged in to room and got ready within no time. But our fellow trekkers who were coming in different mode of travel were yet to reach. Finally they landed and they too got freshened up. Quickly we all barged in to a hotel nearby and tried every dish which was available there!!!.

Narayana had arranged a vehicle to take us to trek point. we all got stuffed in to the vehicle and left for the trek point. By 11:30 am we e the trek point, quickly got the grocery distributed. I asked everyone to circle up for the introductory session. Everyone briefed about themselves and i gave few instruction and briefed about some rules to be fallowed in the trek. We started the trek towards Bheemeshwara.

After some distance of trek we were confronted by a over flowing stream. Then we had to take deviation to trek a along with the stream to find the SANKA(bridge). All of us crossed the sanka in break dance style! and for some narayana helped them. Rain god was laughing all the way...It just started pouring....Finally we reached the bheemshwara temple's priest cottage. Immediately our cook Dharmanna started preparing the lunch. We then decided to go to falls next to the temple.

To see Bheemshwara in rainy season is a treat for the eyes. It is a heaven on earth. It is an hillock. There is a 14th century temple constructed in stone slabs. There are caves, which locals say they lead to KAASHI (Benaras)!!. According to mythological story, Bheema of Mahabaratha had visited this place when he was on way to get the "sougandhika pushpa" for Draupadi. He worshiped lord Shiva here and continued his onward journey. There is a beautiful water fall next to the temple. It is a 3 cascading water fall. There are orchid flowers along with the fall and they are of purple color, makes it so beauty to watch. Even though it is damn slippery, it is safe place to play in the falls. We all had a great time.
After the play in falls, visited the temple and prayed. Later came back to the priest cottage , by then hot lunch was ready :-p. As we had played in water falls, we were all hungry and hogged like anything....!. It was tasty sambar with full of all kinds of vegitables. Rested for couple of minutes after lunch and packed off from Bheemeshwara towards a tribal's house where we were supposed to camp for the night.
As soon as we started the next leg of trek, rain started pouring like anything. We experienced what a western ghat rain will be..!. But as or trek track was covered with canopy of huge tree, we were not troubled by the pouring.

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Harsha said...

Hi The place is great. when is the next trek happening to this place this year in 2011?

Aditya said...

it is awesome...are there many more places like this if so, plz name some....i have visited vibhuti falls twice it is also a three cascadin falls wer we can go to the top...

Raveendra GN said...

hey can u drop dharmanna or the guides no.Are u guys travelled through Sampath is it?