Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One more mansoon trek on 12/13-07-2008

In sharavathi valley, Kattinakaru surroundings has a beautiful landscapes. It has beautiful grass patches amidst thick rain forest. And there are many beautiful, virgin water falls.
As usual i had anounced bit early on this trek. The route i fixed was Meghane-->Bsavana baayi-->Belligundi falls. But later litle modification had to be done because of some disturbance in the valley. So the deviated route was Hoge hundi-->Basavana baayi-->Avathi mane-->Padubeedu-->Belligundi--->Goodanagundi. We had 2 different groups coming for the trek, one was from chennai and the other one is from Bangalore. Mostly it was again a IT people gang. Chennai team hired a private vehicle as they had to catch train while going back by Sunday evening itself. So i decided to accompany them from Bangalore in their vehicle And asked Bangalore team to come to Sagar and handed over tickets to them. We started off in TT by around 11:00pm from Bangalore.
We reached Sagar by 6:30am. By then our Trek leader Narayana had arranged a room in the lodge to get freshen up. We let chennai team to get freshen up first. Once they were through they left the place as they wanted to see theJ og falls. Then Bangalore team got the chance to get freshen up and we all had tea in near by hotel and started off to Jog. After a stop over in Jog , we left to Kargal and we all of us had a nice breakfast. Later we left to our trek starting point Hoge hundi. As soon as we reached the spot, mats were rolled and fastened to Backpack and groceries were distributed among all equally. All of us packed the back pack with grocery and moved about half a KM to have first introductory session. I requested everyone to farm a circle and introduce themselves. I briefed about our organization and few rules to be fallowed in the trek and we were ready to start the trek.
We started the trek towards Basavana baayi. The patches in the think forest were awesome to watch. It was a great moment to watch such a lovely scenery of different green shades with clud playing hide and seek game. Our photographers had a great day too... After an hour and half trek we were in Basavana baayi.
Basavana baayi is an hillock in the thick forest. There is a temple and there is a basava (BULL) statue, through its mouth water is to fall out, so this name. After about 10 mins of relaxation and de-leaching by our fellow trekkers, we asked every one to accompany us to Basavana baayi Water fall. On the way the to the falls, boulders in the stream were very damn slippery! most of us fell down due to skidding. Finally reached the great water fall. Even though the falls height is small, the location makes it a great place to be. This falls is under a canopy of huge trees, falls in the middle of a huge monolithic Black rock and this fall has a made a ovel shape pond after the falls. So all these reminds us that a bollywood settings for a romantic song!!!. Trekkers went crazy looking at the falls and jumped in to the fall without even removing the dress they were wearing!. Most of us enjoyed in the falls for about half an hour and got back to the temple.

By the time we were back, yummy food was ready!. Our cook Dharmanna had prepared rice, sambar, papad and pickle !!. Even though i had sent a mail, many had not brought plates to eat. They manged with group eating on a large plates used for cooking!!.
After about couple of minutes rest, Our trek leader narayana requested to start the trek towards Yadamane gudda. The trek was in

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