Wednesday, November 19, 2008

15-16th November Camping/Kayaking/Trekking Report

After long time, Subbu called me and said " sir, we guys want to come for the Kayaking/camping/trekking program". I was thrilled to hear this, coz subbu and co is always fun to be with. I had trekked with this team from Bheemeshwara to Dabbe falls in mansoon and it was really memorable one. So i asked subbu only to book the tickets to sagar and they did it themselves. On 15th Nov 2008 Saturday morning, i met subbu team at Sagar KSRTC Buss stand and we had a morning tea. Then we moved to private bus stand to catch local bus to go to camp site.
at 8:00AM Gubbagodu Bus turned up and we all got in to that. It was comfortable journey as it was totally empty. by 9:00 we reached the camp site. By then our breakfast was ready and we all had a nice breakfast. after a while, i briefed them about some safety precautions and also we got introduced ourselves. Then all of fastened the life jacket and dived in to the water. We played in the water for about an hour. Then i called everyone for the coracle boat briefing. I briefed about the boat, how to paddle and how to land etc. Also i took one by one and trained them on the paddling. After brief handling everyone went on a long drive.
Then we decide to move to our camp island. This time i am taking u all on visual tour :)

The Camp site.

Moving to Camp island in coracle

The Gang on "Islands exploration mission"

Sun Set View from an island

Time for Camp fire

Lazy Morning...!

Enjoyed the Kayaking most...

It was time for Rafting

Tried diving too :)

Dive from Raft..!

It was time to say good bye...

Gang trekked to Devaragudda peak to get the backwater "Bird view"


It was the most memorable and fun filled program. Everyone was lively in the whole program.

Few words from Campers.

"Alive and kicking!!!
The trip was great Sampath..
The place, the food, the people, the shit island.. Everything was excellent..
--By Jeethu
It was jsut awesome sampath..... Food was just excellent....
hope to catch you in another trek....
--By Veeru
Simply Superb !!! hope to see some wildlife next time :D
--By Shalini
Trip was indeed great...apart from the food n fun,liked the completely scluded place the most...
happy i gave myself a lavish treat and perfect weekend..
--By Flavia
hmmm weekend well-spent (shoud i say well-ate :D )
i really liked that island, wht a place,
hope next time will get an apportunity for kayak race of all 8 people :)
--By Subbu

Photos of the program

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