Thursday, December 11, 2008

6/7th Dec weekend Activity Report

Previous week we had couple of couples for the program. Also we had a great 2 year old baby participant :). It was a great moment for all of us the way that girl baby settled down at camp and was enjoying every bit of moments in nature. Very next week i was thinking of break as no groups had approached for the program. But Duttu coming to the camp was long overdue and he was particular on 6/7th Dec as he was free on that weekend only. I requested him to find the fellow campers...He started hunting. Even though many confirmed...last moment most of them pulled out with one or other excuses. But finally there were 3 campers left. Dattu asked me "is it ok for u" I said i am ok and we decided to take off.
I booked the Sleeper berths in Maharaja Travels to Sagar. All of us met up at Mejestic by around 10:30 and The Bus was ready. We stuffed all our luggage to our berths and got out of Bus for a chat as there was still time for departure. I met Dattu after many years..! so we chated for a while and it was time to leave. All of got in to Bus and slept off.
We reached Sagar by 7:30AM. We dont know the reason , but Bus was half an hour late. We went to KSRTC Bus stand to get freshen up as this place well maintained. After freshen up, we had Tea and some had The famous "Kahashaya", local Herbal drink in Bus stand canteen. Then we moved to Private Bus stand from where we supposed to catch a Local Bus to our base camp. The local Bus was on time and we got in to BUS. After we left Sagar, The road was narrow but it was going through a beautiful vegitation. About 45 mintutes of travel, we reached our Bus stop. We got out of Bus and trekked down for about 10 mins to our base camp.
By the time we reached base camp our cook Gangu had prepared "uppittu" and Khashaya. We had stomachfull breakfast and relaxed for a while. It was time to do some activity..! so we all fastened Life jacket and decided to take flunge. Rest of of the story is through visuals .....!

Photos courtesy:- Dattu
Welcome to Sharavathi Backwter...

It was time to Learn Coracle Paddling..

An Island opposite to our Camp Island

Sun Set time........ Sun Set Time.........

Lazy Morning.. Lazy Morning..

It was time for Kayaking.. Tried rowing the raft

Trekked up the hill to get Complete view of Sharavathi Backwtaer From

Complete Photo's of Dattus camera link

Few Words from Ccampers
Dear Sampath,
All those who have done this program with you will tell you same thing that it was fantastic.
But I want make a very different point here. Being a nature lover I definitely enjoyed the program. But being a responsible citizen, I appreciate more about your social entrepreneurship.
From quite some time I am hovering around this idea of community service and by looking at guys like you, I get a lot of positive energy. You have combined two very odd things innovatively to make a big impact on number of people. Combining this adventure sports with local employment, you have created a fantastic platform for people to enjoy and locals to earn.
When I discussed about your program with Vinod, I told him, that I want to do something like Sampath [even before we met]. I even told him that if his idea of entrepreneurship is good, I'll try to join him if he want to expand. I did not tell you this when we were together because I came only as observer this time. I am impressed by your passion for this work and I realized that I am not yet "that" passionate about something which will keep me driving for long time. I am still a learner.
Dattu, Sarvana, definitely it was the smallest group but not the slowest :)
I think we did pretty well with the stamina we have in Bangalore city.
If I can do mountain biking in ladakh and swimming/coracle for 2 days in Sharavati, I think we can do anything. Lets continue this spirit and do more adventure in life.
Sampath, I am again coming with you next time with more that 5 people with me and you have to take me for free :)
If you find any small role for me to contribute to your venture, don't hesitate to ask me. I'll try my best.
[Two of the best photos from my Mobile are attached. One is sunrise and another is Sunset]

Hi Sampth,

After lot of jerks finally our camp happened ( smallest group of 3). First let me express my honest feedback.

IT WAS SOULFILLING. Great vast views of Sharavati river, swimming in 100ft without any fear, Different boatings , floating in water and feeling my own breath, sunrise , sunset, nice food, Campfire, beautiful backwater view from top of Devaragudda and last the best great group. Nothing more I should ask for. Thank you and all your team members for this.

Secondly, I saw how much prep you guys have to do for a camp. Bringing all boats, food , Its really lot of work. So Just for doing for three people, it is really not very encouraging. But you did it. I am really thankful to you and also very sorry. Please convey my thanks to Narayana , Ravindra and Ashok. I would like to come to this many times. Next time with family.




Hi Sam,
Thanks for such a wonderful week end..
The pictures shows our happiness

B in touch...we will meet soon in another trip :-)



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