Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blogs, photos and experience of our campers for the past fortnight

Fallowing are the Blogs, photos and experience of our campers for the past fortnight.

Anil Kulkarni & Team:- From 21st to 23rd Jan, 3 days.

Photos:- http://picasaweb.google.com/anil77k/SharavathiValleyTrek#

Swaroop & Team:-


Photos:- http://www.flickr.com/photos/swaroop/sets/72157612696783655/

Few lines of experience at the camp by campers:-


Here we go...

Thanks Abhi for the pics.

Sampath...Thanks for everything.

I am already looking forward to another adventure with you guys!!


Mihir Das


Some other salient notes:

* I was happy that we have such easy-going organizers. We were allowed
to do the water sports as much as we wanted and whichever we wanted.
That kind of flexibility is rare.
* Because there are a fixed number of people at any time, the
facilities are guaranteed as opposed to competing/waiting in queue for
most sports facilities in camps/lodges.
* The place, the people, everything, was memorable.

Special appreciation for Sampath and the whole organization for organizing this as well as doing it for the right reasons:



Hey this is Anil... The trip u organised for us was just too good. Thank you very much and also Narayana, Bhatru, Ashok, Ravi, GAngadhar... We had a blast there, The best so for for me and my frens. i dunno how the team made a difference to narayana and others...I thank them all for being so patient with us and humble... Bhattara adige matra super... i'l surely be coming again and again... Ravi told me abt new boats and stuff... inform me if thee are any additions...


Anil Kulkarni

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