Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dance of Monsoon

Even though monsoon is delayed, it has not disappointed us in the end. Monsoon is in full vigor in the malnad region. It is raining heavily over there in the Sharavathi valley. Water level in the Linganamakki reservoir raised of about 15 ft in a week !!!. As it is raining heavily, all streams are full so the water falls !. We had not seen the such a fury in the falls which are there in sharavathi valley before. Last weekend we had couple of treks, it was an amazing monsoon treks.

When it rains , Sharavathi valley becomes like a bride draped in green sarees and wearing jasmine flower on her pony tail !. Here green saree is the lush green grass and the jasmine flower is the cloud !!.

The landscape around kattinakar is so awesome to see as there are beautiful grass land and cloud kissing mountains around this place. This place is the main point for our all treks. The seen in the monsoon in this area is really treat to all nature lovers eyes.
I thought of sharing those visual treats with my fellow trekkers. Here are they,

Photos courtecy:-

While crossing a stream at Basavana baayi to reach the falls

Basavana baayi water falls

Belligundi Water falls

Up close

Goodana Gundi water falls (Nayagara of our state !!!)

Fore more visual treat, click on the fallowing

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rakesh holla said...

In your blog every place is diffrent,every photos has its own charm..nice article...

Sharavathi Valley said...

Thank u rakesh for those kind words