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First Monsoon Trekking For 2011

First Monsoon Trekking For 2011
As we have been busy these days with our standard trek+water sports activity on all weekend, we did not find time for any new trek program. Meanwhile there were many in the group who are keen to be in the valley this monsoon.
Monsoon this year has been on time and it has not disappointed us like last 2 years. Monsoon is in full vigor in the malnad region. It is raining heavily over there in the Sharavathi valley. Water level in the Linganamakki reservoir raising. As it is raining heavily, all streams are full so the water falls !. We had not seen the such a fury in the falls which are there in sharavathi valley before. Last weekend we had couple of treks, it was an amazingmonsoon

When it rains , Sharavathi valley becomes like a bride draped in green sarees and wearing jasmine flower on her pony tail !. Here green saree is the lush green grass and the jasmine flower is the cloud !!.

The landscape around kattinakar is so awesome to see as there are beautiful grass land and cloud kissing mountains around this place. This place is the main point for our all treks. The seen in the monsoon in this area is really treat to all nature lovers eyes.

To start this year monsoon trek program, We are planning for Nagavalli-->Meghane--> a new water falls.

Meghane is one of the highest peak in the sharavathi valley and its in. It is one of the high density of fauna in the sharavathi wild life
sanctuary .
In this hill region common sight is indian gaur, civet and many more. We used to trek to this peak regularly till year 2005. Later entry was banned as there was a serious poaching problem. This peak is awesome place to sit and watch the nature beauty. On the one direction you can see the arabian sea, and all other side green cover of valley.

The plan of trek is as fallows:-

Trek Dates:- 25/26-06-2011(weekend)
  • Start from bangalore on 24th friday evening in KSRTC rajahamasa bus and reach Kargal on 25th Saturday Morning.
  • Start from Kargal to Nagavalli in a local bus which is about 35KM.
  • Reach Nagavalli forest check post and trek up the meghane hill.
  • Have lunch half the way and continue to the peak.
  • Reach peak and spend sometime.
  • Trek down the hill and reach a onti mane (single hamlet) and stay over night.
  • Wake up and continue the trek towards a new falls.
  • Reach falls and enjoy.
  • Trek back to Hogevaddi and travel back.
For some pics and blog please refer to the fallowing link,

So if you are free that weekend and wish to join us, please send me copy of some photo ID proof like DL, PAN card, PP etc., immediately. This is required for obtaining wild life division permission to enter the sanctuary.

Please mail to if u need more info

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