Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trekking, Cave exploration and River rafting on 30/31st July 2011

Trekking, Cave exploration and River rafting on 30/31st July 2011

Synopsis of the Program.....
The Trek:- Monsoon at its best and its raining everywhere. Its amazing experience to be in western ghats specially now. With the short travel from Bangalore (about 5 hrs ) journey, there is a beautiful cave hill on the coorg-sakaleshpur border in the Bisile ghat range. Specialty of this hillock is there are couple of amazing lakes, a cave and about half kilometer rock formation. There are couple of grass lands which are amazing to see in this season there.
The Rafting:- The most enjoyable water sports is white water rafting. Our own western ghat gives so many options for rafting. One among them is cauvery river in Dubare elephant camp. The 7 KM raft ride is amazing in this season as cauvery river is brimming with beauty. You pass through thick forests and scenic surroundings negotiating mostly the calm rapids. River rafting here allows you to rejuvenate yourself and enjoy the flow of the river. River rafting here is safe and it’s usually a smooth stretch.
The visit:- Dubare is a picturesque forest area famous for its elephant training camp. It is located on the banks of the river Cauvery in between Siddapur and Kushalnagar. During the reign of erstwhile Maharaja of Mysore, this place was used to train elephants for the Mysore Dussehra festival.An elephant training camp of the Forest Department of Coorg is located here. Local tribe, Kurba, dwell in Dubare. Here, you can observe and learn a great deal about the elephants

Stay:- Stay will be in a local house near Somvarpet.
Food:- Will be simple freshly cooked food.

Probable itinerary of the program.

  • Reach Trek Starting point and freshen up in the stream.
  • Have Breakfast and start the trek towards hill top.
  • Enjoy the beautiful lakes view and play in a small water falls.
  • Have lunch and rest for a while.
  • Trek up to the top of the hill and explore the cave. U get 360 degree view of the western ghat from this point.
  • start trek down to the foot hills and travel to the the night camp.
  • Reach the camp, Have camp fire and dinner.
For the trek route blog and photos please refer the fallowing link.
  • Wake up early morning. Freshen up and have breakfast.
  • Travel to Dubare Water rafting starting point.
  • Have a wonderful time floating on the river cauvery.
  • Have lunch and visit dubare elephant camp
  • Start journey back to bangalore.
Some pics of these Bits....:-

Beautiful lake on top of the hill (i call it 'Spatika sarovara')

Beautiful falls on the hill top

Cave on top of the hill

White Water Rafting @ Dubare

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