Sunday, April 8, 2012

Invitation for the PARISARA SRI Annual Award for Year 2011-12

As part of our organization "The Sharavathi Nature conservation Trust (R)" initiative to take up various nature conservation, we have setup an annual award called "PARISARA SRI". We are going to present this award every year to the genuine people particularly forest officials who are working for nature conservation and people who are saving prestine forest. The aim this award is to encourage and motivate the people to take up the consevration with more vigor. This year is going to be 4th year in row. From last 2 years we also added a award called "SAMAJA SRI" award for the genuine people who are serving the society selflessly.

This year we have chosen Mr. Ameen saab nadaaf for "PARISARA SRI" Award. Mr.Nadaaf has been working as forest guard at Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. He was instrumental in catching a organized wildlife poachers in the sanctuary. In the fight against these anti social elements, he was seriously injured and lost his hand. We are very proud to present this year award to Mr.Nadaaf who has worked hard to protect precious flora and fauna in the sanctuary. we wish him a great success in his endeavor to protect the pristine forest and wildlife.

Also this we are presenting "SAMAJA SRI" Award to Mr.M.G.Purushotham for philanthropic activities in the field of live stock protection and also genuine social service activities in and around Sagar Taluk. The above awards carries cash award and also a memento.

We are presenting the above awards to these deserving awardees on April 10th 2012 Tuesday by 4:00 PM at Gubbagodu, Sagar taluk and Shimoga district.

We, the trustees of The Sharavathi Conservation Trust(R) and Staff of The Sharavathi Nature Trails.. cordially invite everyone in our trekking community for the award function. Please grace the occasion and encourage the awardees to take up the cause with more vigor.

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