Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2 days weekend Trek to Basavana Baayi--> Goodana Gundi Water Falls on 14-15th June 2008,

After lots of addition, subtraction out of group, finally 8 trekkers of the group was ready to take off for a monsoon trek.

Trek Route:- Haduvalli---->Basavana Bayi-->Goodana Gundi falls

As usual all of us met at KSRTC bus stand with some thriller moments in the end ...one of the trekker Manoj's availability was mystery till the end. Finally he turnrd up in the last hour and all of us got in to bus and went in to coma :).

Bus reached sagara on time. All of got out of bus & got freshened up quiclkly. Had solid breakfast at bus stand resturent and got in to local bus to reach Trek starting point.

It was raining now and then and weather was too chill. When we reached Kogar, got a bad news that local bus in which we were traveling developpped some snag..:-(. We called a taxi immediately and reached trek starting point.

Had a quick look at Jain temple in Haduvalli, took some snaps and moved out.As it was already a lunch time, cook prepared the lunch and had solid lunch, menu was sambar and rice!!. Sambar was so tasty and weather too made us to hog, within no time vessel full of rice had vanished!.

We packed up and continued the trek towards Basavana bayi peak. Weather was so pleasant, and it was raining now and then. As all of were fresh after nice lunch we trekked up the hill at one streach without any pit-stops. On the way every one got taste of leech bites!! ,With sugras screaming for help when she spots a leech on her legs :)

After an hour and half trek we reahed Basavana bayi peak!. There is a temple here,after old structure destroyed by a tree fall, localites are building a new temple there. Behind temple there is massive water falls. Went to the falls and a quick look at the temple and started the trek as it was getting dark by then.

After about an half an hour trek we got out of thick vegitation and there was a open space with small trees. The scene of this place was awesome! it was looking like golf cource!. It was raining now and then..we were really enjoying the rain. Afterhalf an hour from here we reached Nakkalu village and we camped at takappa's house. Heand his wife were very courteous.

Within couple of minutes our cook prepared a nice tea! it was so refreshing to drink in that weather. Soon evrybody changed thier wet clothes and were fresh. As it was raining , we could not have a camp fire!. But we all sat around candle, and our guide invited everyone to play some fun games like lifting 10 Match sticks with one!!, making different shapes with minimal moves etc.,. by then dear cook, umapathi called us for dinner . Menu was poori-sagu, rice , rasam :)!. Everyone of us had a feast!. After nice dinner all of retired for the day as we were tired.

All of had decided to wake up early and start the trek, but we could only start by 6:00. by then umapathi had prepared a tea! We thanked land lord and started the trek towards padubeedu. After an hour and half trek we reached padubeedu. We went starit to a tribals house in which there was a Jaggary crusher. After freshen up in the stream we all had sugar cane juice and liquid jaggary. Liquid jaggary beats any sweets available in our cities. by then umapathi had prepared shavige(vermacilin) bath, had break past and started the trek towards Goodanana gundi water falls.

We could not take the regular route to goodana gundi water falls as the stream was full and furious! so we barged in to a thick thorn filled jungle to reach the falls. Trek was really amazing. It was really true rain forest, every where streams!!. it was amazing amazon strech!. after an hour trek we could reach the falls. Goodana gundi was furious to the core! It was fulllllllllllll!!. even though i had visited this falls many times, i had never had a opertunity to see this beauty.

We could only watch falls from a distance! the whole area was noicy with the falls sound..we had to shout to talk to each other!. It was wearth trekking through that thorney bushes and getting solid leach bite.

after spending about half an hour at the falls, we started the trek back. We reached very fast to the padu beedu. By then Umapathi had prepared a nice lunch!. Menu was rice-sambar, papad, payasam ...! etc., It was again a feast. Ater the lunch we started the trek back to kattinakaru. after 2 hours of trek we reached kattinakaru and had de-briefing session. It was an interesting session as the trekkers gave few great tips to improve the trek program.

Took a group photo and got in to a local bus to rach sagar. Reached sagar and had dinner. around 10:30 pm started the journey back to Bagalore, reached Bangalore by 5:00am.

It was amazing mansoon trek in total.

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