Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Protest to protect lakes in Bangalore on 22nd June 2008

Dear All,

Living in Bangalore is become real hell with so many problems. All of us agree that Bangalore biggest problem is traffic among many problems we face today.Because of this traffic problem there are so many problems like pollution, health and other problems affecting our daily life.

Pollution is increasing day after day to a alarming stage. Even though traffic is main cause of this , other cause includes shrinking lung spaces, disappearing water bodies like etc.,

Recently Karnataka Govt. with good intention set up a "Lake Devlopment Authority" to save and rejuvenate Lakes in around Bangalore. But this agency has been turned in to Real estate agency by corrupt Babus. They are privatizing the lakes for comercial purpose. Already Nagavara lake has been converted in to amusement park! next in line is Agara lake in outer ring road next to HSR layout.

Environment Support Group (ESG),an NGO, has been fighting against this , has filed writ petition in High court. Already LDA had a small slaps on it face from high court. But we also need to intensify the agitation to put more pressure on govt withdraw privatization.

In this regard ESG has organized a symbolic protest near AGARA lake by forming a "Human Chain" around Agara Lake.
Details of the rally:-

Date:- 22-06-2008 Sunday

Time:-11:00 AM

Place:- Agara Lake Bed. Near HSR Layout BDA complex, Outer Ring Road

Please come and join to protect n preserve it for posterity n stop privatization of lakes in Bangalore.

For any more info, please mail me. prapancha@gmail.com

Hi All ,
Thank u all who made it to the Protest against Lake privatization on sunday. It was great success. 100's of people gathered to register their protest. Retd High court Justice Sadashiva was also present. It was emotionally charged moment for all of us. Speech by ESG's Leo saldhana was very apt.

Thank u all again.

Please click on the following link to read the news item in TIMES OF INDIA:


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