Sunday, July 27, 2008

trekking on August 1st week

Hi Guys, We have trekking on August 1st week.

Trek Date:- From 2-08-2008 to 3-08-2008 (2 days)

Trek Route:- Yadamane---->Basavana baayi--->Belligundi--->Goodanagundi falls--->Kattinakaru.

Departure from Bangalore to SAGAR:- 1-08-2008. night from KempeGowda Bus stand by Rajahmasa Bus..

Return from SAGAR to Bangalore:- 4-08-2008 by around 6:00 AM.

Date:- 1-08-2008

* Deaprture from Bangalore by around 10:30 PM.

Date:- 2-08-2008

* Reach Sagar by early morning.
* Freshen Up, Have Break fast and Catch a local bus or hired jeep to the trek point by 8:00 AM
* Reach Hoge hundi , the Trek start point by 10:30 AM and Start the trek
* Reach Basavana baayi peak by afternoon. Play in the water falls and Have lunch.
* Start the Trek towards Yadamane and camp in a tribals house by 6:00 PM.
* Have a Camp fire and enjoy the evening(Depends on rain situation). Also interact with Tribals.
* Have dinner and retire for the day


* Wake up by 6:00 AM and get freshen up quickly.
* Have Breakfast and start the trek by 7:30AM to Belligundi water falls.
* Spend time in valley view and belligundi view
* Trek to Goodanagundi water falls and if possible Enjoy in the Water fall (depends on the water level.
* Have luch and Trek to Kattinakaru.
* Catch a local bus or hired jeep to Sagar.
* Reach Sagar and have dinner.
* Start the journey back to Bangalore by around 10:00 PM

Please click on the below link to have a glimpse of small part of the route

Please MAIL me to if u need any more information .

Below are our previous trek snaps

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