Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Updates on August 30/31st 2 days weekend trek

After i came back from August 15th long weekend trek i wrote a treklogue and forwarded to all in my mailing list. This created lot of interest in the group for this trek route. So whoever had missed this route had replied and asked me to arrange again. So started the preparation for August 30/31st trek. Finally after so many addition, deletion and updation we were 14 of us out of this 3 had come from Hyderabad directly to Sagar and joined us in JOG falls and there were 3 foreigners in the team.
This time to save the time, we arranged a tempo traveler. I had requested all trekkers to be there in Mejestic by 9 PM. Many of them respected the request and they were on time. After a brief hand shake session we started off from Bangalore @ 10 PM. We were expecting lot of traffic problem, but was not a major problem to get out of city. Everyone went in to deep sleep mode within no time, i thought of giving company to driver and did not sleep much.
By 6:00 we reached Kargal on the way to trek starting point and we picked up trekkers from Hyderabad who were waiting for us there, had a morning tea and left to Hogevaddi which was our trek starting point.

By 8:30 we reached Hogevaddi. By the time we reached there, breakfast was ready. This time the food theme was "local flavor". We had local dishes cooked like, 'AKKI ROTTI' , BAALE YELE KADUBU', 'NEER BELLA' to name few :). Every one enjoyed the food. Then we trekked towards basavana baayi.
Rest of the trek report is on Sachidananda's blog,

1) Dominique from Germany
2) Dileep from Bangalore
3) Jennifer from Malta
4) Peter from Germany
5) Ananthraj from Bangalore
6) Varun from Bangalore
7) Abhiram from Bangalore
8) Neeraj from Bangalore
9) Vinay from Bangalore
10) Sachidananda from Bangalore
11) Abhilash from Hyderabad
12) Karthik from Hyderabad
13) Riaz from Hyderabad.

Route covered:-
Hogevaddi--->Basavana baayi ---> Kendollare --> Padubeedu -->Belligundi falls --> Goodanana gundi falls.

Blog on this trek by Sachidananda:-

Snaps of this trek links:-

Photos by Dominique

Photos by Abhilash
Photos by Sachidananda

Photos by Ananthraj

Note:- Our next trekking program is on 20/21st Sept 2008. If anybody interested, pls mail me ASAP

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