Monday, June 22, 2009

Monsoon Raga... June 20/21st monsoon Trek memoir

As the monsoon was not in full vigor, i had not thought of arraigning the trek activity. But some of regular trekkers were eager to do a monsoon trek and asked me to organize one. Meanwhile Narayana had come accross a new water falls, so we decided to go on a exploratory monsoon trek. Thats how planning started for this trek. When i mailed about the trek to the group, it was more than 25 ppl. so was bit worried as trek will not be interesting for such huge crowd. But as usual, most of the initial responders dropped off sighting some personnel problems. Finally after all addition and subtraction group left with 10 trekkers. As it was a new route, I wanted to start of the trek as early as possible so we hired a TT and by 9:30 we started off from mejestic. On the way we picked up Dinakar / Ranganath / yadu. we had little introductory session and chat session for a while and everybody went in to sleeping mode.
As usual, I contacted Rajanna for vehicle. He never dissapoints us. He sends the best driver and best vehicle with the competative charges. The result was we reached Sagar by 4:00 AM !!!. unbelievable !. Driver had stopped vechicle for the tea and i looked at the watch i jsut could not believe myself !. I was really very happy and thanked the driver. Finally we reached Kattinakar by 6:00 AM. Narayana did not expect us by that early and he was shocked to see us so early !. Breakfast was getting prepared at dharmas house, so we all went to dharmannas house. All of us went towards the stream to get freshened up. By the time we came back, breakfast was ready. The breakfast was a bisi bisi masala idlies and dharma has mastered the idli making. We dont get these type of idlis anywhere. All of us had stomachful and then had Khashaya. Some trekkers were tasting the Khashaya so initially they were bit wary, but after tasting it everyone enjoyed it. After nice breakfast, we started off in the vehicle to reach the treak starting point. Reached base of a peak which was our trek starting point. As usual shared the grocery and put them in to our backpacks. Then we had intial briefing session and started off the trek.
Just before the ascent to guddolli bare (Peak) started we went to a tribals house on the trail. Suddenly the hosehold became so active and welcomed us with a great smile. They brought water in a pot and served us. Then came the surprise ! They served us JONY BELLA (Liquid Jaggery) on a piece of plantain leaf!. For me it was known but many were tasting for the first time. It almosts tasted like honey. Everyone emptied a big bottle of Jaggery. Then thanked eveyone at tribals house and started off the trek.
As in everywhere, Malnad region has not recieved the adequate rain in this monsoon. But it is mostly drizzling. So grass on the ground is already turning in to green. The train on ascent was open one and did not have tree cover. It was wonderful to see the valley as there was no tree cover on the trail. Initially the peak looked not so tough, but as we progressed it was becmoing tougher. Along with this Sun was too hot when we were claimbing. Ultimately we made it to the peak. As soon as we reached the peak hot sun dissapeared and it became cloudy.It was nice 360 degree valley view with the pleasent breeze. We rested for a while on the peak and took some snaps. Then decided to descent and move towards a tribals house where we supposed to have lunch. The light shower was on and off all along the trail which made the trek very pleasent. After an hour of descent to the valley from the peak we landed near a tribals house. The house so beautiful sarrounded by high rise mountains. There was a huge stream flowing near the tribals house, so we decided to take a dip in the stream till the lunch is ready. We had nice swimming session in the stream. As swam nicely, we were too hungry and decided to have lunch and continue the trek. Our cook Dharma as usual had prepared nice sambar and rice along with pickle and papad. Had nice lunch and rested for a while and some were snoring too..!
After saying thanks and bye the host tribal family, started off the trek towards the water falls. after an hour of trekking we reached the falls area. But we did not have no clue that we already near the falls as this falls is hidden in a thick vegetation. The falls was in deep gorge, so we started descanting to the falls. As it had rained a bit, it was infested by leaches though it was not to the worrisome level. Gorge was too steep, some how by hanging on to the bush / trees we got in to the stream. There it was !. It almost looked like our first half level of Goodanagundi water falls. Though it was not fery high, it was a nice falls. some got in to falls and some enjoyed the view. Rain kept visiting us off and on. Finally we thought of saying goodbye to the falls and started climbing up the stream. From here we trekked straight to the house where we supposed to halt for the day.
By the time we reached the house, Dharmanna had prepared nice khashaya and served us hot Khashaya. This khashaya has become part of our all programe. Everyone like this drink. It is made with many herbs and spice which are available locally. It is good for health as well we can avoid tea / coffee for a moment !. This drink is good for digestion and good for cold whether. We dumped our backpacks in the house and our next agenda was to claim the mincha bare a nearby peak and see the sunset. Ascent was very steep and difficult one. After about half an hour trek we were in the leak. it was amazing to see the valley. To our south wast it was treat of mountain range. First one was armane gudda, then was megani and then others. armane gudda is so beautiful, plan to trek some time to that peak. Sunset was not so intersting as the cloud played the spoilsport. By then breeze was too much and it was very very chill on the peak. So started off the descent. Descent was not so easy as it was too steep. Finally we landed in the house. By then Dharmanna had prepared tea and Menasikaayi bajji (chilly bajji). It was an awesome dish in that chilli weather. We all had these bajji's and chatting for a while. Then came dinner call. Dharmanna had prepared superb Pulav, Kheer, chapati and palya. All of us had nice dinner and retired for the day.
We woke up early in the morning and finished freshening up quickly and had tea. By the time we packed up our backpacks, breakfast was ready. Breakfast was Akki Rotti. Very tedious to prepare this dish. But dharmanna had woke up by 3:00 am and prepared the rotti only feed us the malnad special !. It was nice breakfast and then we had Khashaya. We invited everyone at home and thanked them for thier superb hospitality. They treated us like kings. I briefed trekkers about that days agenda and started off the trek.
We first trekked to Halli bare ( a peak which was visible from Mincha). It was a great peak with beautiful view again. Sun was bit hars so it was tiring a bit but still it was enjoyable as view was beautiful. By the time we reached the peak, Sun dissapeared and it started raining !. it was awesome moments. after a while rain stopped but fog covered the whole valley. It was a pleasent stay at the peak for some time. We then decided to descent the peak towards the Sullalli. After about 2 hour trek we reached the Sullali. We wanted to play in the water very badly as we had not taken bath in the morning. We reached a big stream and all of us got in to water and our cook dharmanna had started the lunch preperation on the bank of the stream. All us had a nice swimming session for about an hour time. Then we had nice lunch. By then our vehicle driver braught the vehicle there. All us said goodbye to Narayana and Dharmanna and started off the journey back to bangalore. It was a nice trek. Only lacking was not rain was not intense as it used to be.

  1. Sampath
  2. Raghu
  3. Dinakar
  4. Ranganath
  5. Prasanna
  6. Ashutosh
  7. Varun
  8. Yadu
  9. Jovin
  10. Soujanya
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