Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Invitation to be part of movement to protect Environment

Dear All,
It has been Our organization "The Sharavathi Nature Conservation Trust(R)" sole aim to protect last remaining forest all over and in particular Westernghat. As part of this we have taken up various activities.

To name few,
  • Pristine forest destruction is happening for various reasons. One of the major reason is livelihood of forest dwellers. So our organization initiated alternative economical activities like providing employment to the local youths, who were once part forest exploitation. To create employment, our organization started activities like Trekking, Nature camp and water sports in Sharavathi Backwater.
  • Organization has been working with forest department to conserve and protect some of the endangered species of the plants. As part of this in June 2009, we collected about 100 varieties of Tribal medicinal plants and we have replanted them in a secure place. The plan is to protect them and also get the research done on their medicinal value scientifically.
  • Government has setup forest force to protect the forest. But as usual, its a typical govt setup where very rarely honest and sincere work of the officers to protect the forest are recognized. So the our organization has setup an annual award called "Parisara Sri", which will be awarded to the honest forest officer. This initiative is to recognize the good work done by the officer and to encourage the officer to take up the good work with more vigor.
The Invitation:-
On 1st of April 2010, we have organized a function to present the 2010-11 annual "Parisara Sri" award. This year along with the forest officer recognition, we are recognizing people who are doing social service in the region.

This Year Awardees Are,

2010-11 "Parisara Sri" Award --> Mr. Shivamurthy. Range Forest Officer (RFO). Kargal Range.
2010-11 "Samaja Sri" Award -->Mr. Siddaraju R.State advocacy Secretory.Dalith Human Rights

I Invite all my fellow Trekkers, nature enthusiasts to attend in large number to this function. Your presence will surely encourage the awardees to take up the work with much more vigor.

Function Details:-
Date: 1st April 2010, Thursday.
Time: 6:00 PM
Place: Sri Lakshminarashima swamy temple, Gubbagodu village, Sagara Taluk, Shimoga District.

For more details please mail me to

Sampath Kumar
The Sharavathi Nature Conservation Trust(R).

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