Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wealth and environmental disaster

Wealth and environmental disaster

I always felt unprecedented wealth generation or inorganic growth leads to environmental disaster. Last week i could see myself when I traveled abroad. I visited Bahrain, an oil rich gulf country for a personnel visit. Oil economy has brought fortune to gulf countries. We can see this everywhere from sky kissing buildings to SUVs zooming at max throttle on roads, there were no small cars on the road at all, swanky malls with all over world cuisine food stalls sans a single vegetarian restaurant etc., I hardly saw someone walking on the beautifully laid out pavement. If there was one or two, it was only a Indian or Filipino labor class people !! who make up large labor class there.
I could see only very handful of public transport bus. For the first few days i was forced to roam around in taxi even for a small distance, finaly fed up with this thought of taking stroll to go to our desi restaurant called "Mysore Hotel". I was fed up with only salad and juice and i was missing my favorite "anna-saaru". The restaurant was about 3 KM from the hotel where i was staying. started walking towards hotel on neat pavement. It was so windy, and there was a light fine sand storm... by the time i reached restaurant , there was this fine sand all over me. As they have money, they can always take up planting some desert friendly trees, but i noticed its hardly bothered them.
It was so nice to find "namma udupi hotel" in a place like this. But that was my last walk on was not that i was lazy, but i was so scared of crossing roads! there were absolutely no signal for pedestrian crossing! so i was worried going under wheels of zooming cars..!. Added to my scare, just a previous day a keralite who was a pilot there came under wheels of a zooming car!.
Somewhere everyone dream is to get this kind of life. But i feel its an environmental disaster in the long run. Already global warming is creating havoc in everones daily life. Also we should not forget the havoc this creates on ones personnel health.I just got this article to share with for the reference, Interesting article on human cause on global warming
Everyone's day to day life style is the most important reason for the environmental disaster than the pollution caused by some industry, though they are also major contributors. i keep telling people how we have distanced ourselves from the "Living in harmony with nature". We have forgotten walking even for a small distance, we have stopped using the public transport, we need electricity for everything etc etc., This type of lifestyle is causing more damage than the industries etc., We need to care for environment , we need to care for mother earth. otherwise we will leave this earth in barren, unlivable condition to our next generation. We have responsibility leave this planet in livable to condition to our next generation as we got it from our forefathers.


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