Monday, June 28, 2010

Monsoon Trek this weekend-3/4th July

Monsoon, the word has something to cheer for everyone. Like monsoon brings joy to share market investors !! as markets pickup with good capital inflow, brings joy to the governments as it gives much needed relief from power woes, farmers are glad so they can take up farming in full vigor etc., But for we nature lovers, eye sight of the nature brings so much pleasure!. Specially western ghats, which are natures ultimate gift we trekkers and nature lovers.

Last year monsoon was delayed for almost a month and it was disappointing. But this time its normal and its raining in the valley. As it is raining heavily, all streams are full so the water falls !. When it rains , Sharavathi valley becomes like a bride draped in green saree and wearing jasmine flower on her pony tail !. Here green saree is the lush green grass and the jasmine flower is the cloud !!.

The landscape around kattinakar is so awesome to see as there are beautiful grass land and cloud kissing mountains around this place during the monsoon. This place is the main point for our all treks. The seen in the monsoon in this area is really treat to all nature lovers eyes.

Till now we were so busy with the camping and water sports in the backwater. Now we are planing to organize few treks to all our trekkers so that they can enjoy the beauty of the valley in the rains.

For a write up and photos of the route, please check the link below.